A Battalion of Skirmishers

I think that March 24, 1996 will prove to be an important date in the future of the North-South Skirmish Association. On that date, nearly 400 skirmishers and our friends and family gathered in the disheveled confines of Fort Shenandoah to effect a clean up of this Winters' flood damage. Ably guided by "Bull" Saunders, we painted, packed, prodded and poked until our physical plant looked completely prepared for inspection by Lee and Grant.

By the time I arrived, the scence looked like an ant farm. As I came in the entrance road, I could see little groups of workers scattering hither and yon' in Areas 4 and 5, carrying bits of debris or smoothing out fresh bluestone in the roadways. When I found Work Skirmish Director Saunders, he handed me a shiny new hard rake and sent me over to Area 4 to held some members from Michigan repair about 75 yards of road washed out by the flood.

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1998 by Tom Kelley
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