Knee-Jerk Jerks After Our Guns Again

We are all aware of the terrible tragedy in Colorado that claimed the lives of innocent children and a teacher. What we must now be on-guard for is the immoral use of that terrible event by our amoral president and his anti-gun lunatic fringe. In spite of what we already know about the events leading up to the Columbine High School incident, the White House is pushing to renew it's fight for more "gun control." But the White House's idea of "gun control" is really "gun denial," and many of the proposals have failed in Congress before.

That womanizer that lives in the White House wants to impose a federal 3-day waiting period for handgun purchases. Why? The guns purchased for use in the Littleton slayings were purchased months in advance. What purpose would a federal 3-day waiting period have served; how would a 3-day waiting period have prevented these purchases? It wouldn't.

Another proposal is to extend the time that states can take to conduct background checks. Why? None of the purchasers of the weapons used in the Columbine High School shooting had a record to check. This is a classic, Hitlerian gun confiscation tactic. Deny access to gun ownership through bureaucratic obstacles.

The Chief Philanderer wants to require child safety locks on all guns. Why? I like what Mr. Andrew Molchan, Director, National Association of Federally Licensed Gun Dealers, said. Mr. Molchan was quoted by ABC News as stating, "Somebody doesn't decide to walk into a school and murder several people because of a gun lock or something. It's a profound, moral issue."

One of the fine points of being a fine liar, which the president is, is to wrap your big lie in a thin cloth of truth. Accordingly, Clinton has also included his proposal to ban juveniles convicted of violent crimes from ever buying guns, which is a sensible proposal that even the NRA has endorsed, I believe. However, the application of such a law may be impossible to enforce, when juvenile records are sealed and trials of juveniles take years to complete and may result in sentencing as an adult, indeed, the "juvy" may be an adult by the time he or she is sentenced.

While all of the proposals above have failed at least once already to pass Congressional approval, the Philanderer-in-Chief wants to add some new "gun control" proposals to his play-on-the- recent-tragedy scenario. If the White House gets their way, the minimum age to purchase a handgun will be raised from 18 to 21, and handgun purchases will be limited to one per month. Neither of these proposal would have prevented any of the school shooting tragedies in recent years, it is just Bradyesc hype.

The misguided "gun control" freaks in the White House also want to have background checks for the purchases of black powder and other explosives. The wolf in this sheeps clothing is that they want to shut down reloaders and muzzleloaders all at the same time. The Hillary Clinton-Diane Feinstein-Charles Schumer ultra- Liberal gun denial faction on Pennsylvania Avenue has long abhorred the "shooting is a sport" rationalization that hinders their proposals time after time. If they could deny or limit access to the key ingredient in so many shooting sport applications, they would be well on their way to getting guns out of the hands of citizens. And, that's the message here. The White House, Sarah Brady, Handgun Control, Inc. don't want "gun control;" they want gun confiscation. Access to guns through gun denial is the first step, so we have to stop it here.

What the "gun control" advocates don't want you to know is how many people have died in this century after the implementation of "gun control" policies. These figures make even the ultra-Liberals flinch when confronted with the truth. In Ottoman Turkey, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, Guatemala, Uganda and Cambodia, "gun control" preceded mass genocides in which as many as 100 million died, many innocent women and children.

The problem, I hypothesize, is not with guns, but with the lack of moral leadership our country has suffered under for the last six years. As Mr. Molchan stated, "it is a horrible, profound moral issue." And the lack of moral leadership starts at the top. We are incumbered with a president who sets the example of hedonistic self satisfaction first and duty second, and then we are astonished when it trickles down to individuals in our society. I know what I can tell my grandchildren and children about guns - guns don't kill people, people kill people. But what can I tell them about the decline of the social-moral fiber of society? Will we be safer with more "gun control" in our country. No, not now, not ever.

The Big Liar can get up on the Little Theater at the White House and plead with deer hunters in his home state to think about "reasonable obligations to the larger community of America," but what credence can be placed in the words of a man who defiled his office, his residence and himself when he failed to think about those same obligations. On numerous occasions. Over a lengthy period of time. It's the morality, stupid. When students have more rights than teachers, and criminals have more rights than victims, when cheaters win and winners cheat, you have moral decay in society. And no "gun control" will fix that.

Existing "gun control" legislation already helped to identify the ownership trail of the weapons used in all of the school violence incidents in this decade. These people can be, and should be, held responsible for contributing to the terrible acts of violence perpetrated by the guns they allowed to pass through their hands. Additionally, the parents in some of these incidents may have been grossfully negligent in providing parenting for the teens who forced their violent solutions on innocent victims. More "gun control" won't fix poor patenting.

Our job is clear. We must advocate and agitate for absolutely no restrictive requirements on the purchase of blackpowder or modern reloading powders or other reloading components. Any waiting period or background check on the sale of these sport propellants will do absolutely nothing to reduce criminal activity in the United States or elsewhere. We must get our sport shooting friends and acquaintances to do the same, and we must do it frequently. Write your Congressman and both Senators at the Capitol. Overland mail to Congress(wo)men at: Honorable (name), United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515. Senators may be addressed to: Senator (name), United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510. If you prefer a phone call, dial 202-224-3121 for the Capitol Switchboard for both houses of Congress. Also, both houses maintain websites at for the House of Representatives and for the Senate. Both websites have links to individual members e-mail. Check both the N-SSA Bulletin Board and the Bulletin Board for more information about these proposals as they make their way through the legislative process.

Let's continue to make America a land of many freedoms. Until the next time, promote responsible gun ownership, shoot safe and have fun.

1999 by Tom Kelley

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